Health and Wellness Committee
Committee reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

The Health and Wellness Committee provides a framework for improving the health status of the Mississippi State Campus faculty, staff and students. Through the collaborative efforts of health, academics, student affairs and administration, the Mississippi State University (MSU) Health and Wellness Committee will foster healthy environments and behaviors. Additionally this committee will make recommendations on matters concerning student and employee health. The Health and Wellness Committee will have general cognizance of sanitary conditions on campus and will act to correct deficiencies. This committee reports to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Check, Austin Learning & Development Specialist, Human Resources Management A 2018
Fountain, Brent Associate Extension Professor, Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion Chair A 2018
Mackin, Ben Student Association A 2018
Matthews, Allison Editor, Office of Public Affairs Secretary A 2018
McMillen, Robert Professor & Associate Director, Social Science Research Center A 2018
Pylate, Leah Assistant Director, Health Promotion & Wellness A 2018
Roby, Yvett Staff Council Representative 2019
Switzer, Lu Director, Student Counseling Services A 2018
Tidwell, Diane Professor, Food Science, Nutrition & Health Promotion A 2018
Townsend, Jason Associate Director, University Recreation A 2018