President's Commission on the Status of Minorities
Committee reports to: President

Serves as a forum for the discussion and analysis of issues related to the status of minorities; develops and supports programs and activities that enhance diversity; recommends actions that improve the representation, development, and success of minority faculty, staff and students to the President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Baham, Tracey Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Chair E 2020
Davenport, LeRoy Student Leadership and Community Engagement Vice Chair E 2019
Fisher, Melody Communication E 2019
Forbes, RaSheda Assistant Vice President for Multicultural Affairs Ex-Officio A
Gardner, Antonio Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion 2021
Hill, Angela Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture E 2021
Hill, Shauncey International Institute E 2019
Johnson, Kecia Sociology A
Kobia, Caroline School of Human Sciences E 2019
Lathan, Patty Faculty Senate A 2019
Maykowski, Donna Fraternity & Sorority Life 2021
Owens, Hannah Street Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion A
Pineda, Kayla Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness 2021
Prince, Debra Counseling, Educational Psychology & Foundations 2020
Spencer, Judith Chief Human Resources Officer Ex-Officio A
Stegall, Dee Student Association A 2019
White, Micah Student Support Services A
Williams, Tiffney College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 2021