Radiological, Chemical, and Laboratory Safety Committee
Committee reports to: Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Administers the university's broad scope radioactive materials license. Approves users of radioactive materials, reviews and evaluates all proposed uses of radioactive materials, and oversees the Radiological Safety Office. Develops and submits policies pertaining to the use of radioactive materials consistent with applicable state and federal regulations. Serves as an advisory body to users of x-ray devices and other radiation emitting machines used on campus. Serves as an advisory body to campus researchers on chemical and other laboratory safety matters. Determines appropriate procedures or precautions consistent with relevant standards for safety issues.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Allen, Peter Associate Professor, FWRC-Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture
Brinkman, Erin Associate Clincal Professor and Service Chief, Diagnostic Imaging, CVM Clinical Sciences (Non-Voting Subject Matter Expert)
French, W. Todd Professor, Chemical Engineering
Larson, Jamie E. Associate Professor, Animal and Dairy Science Chair
Munn, Giselle T. Associate Dean and Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Ryan, Peter L. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor, Office of the Provost
Seo, Keun Seok Assistant Professor, CVM Basic Science Department
Tseng, Paul Te-Ming Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences
Waggoner, Charles A. Research Professor and Director, Institute for Clean Energy Technology
Willard, Scott T. Associate Dean and Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences