Academic Review Board
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

Conducts hearings for student grade appeals. One member of teaching faculty and one alternate elected by each college for two-year terms beginning on July 1 after election. May be re-elected. Graduate Office representative and alternate must be full members of that faculty. Three at-large representatives appointed by Provost and Executive Vice President. Student serves one year. Reports to Provost and Executive Vice President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Aarhus, Craig College of Education E 2021
Adams, Frank College of Business Alternate E 2021
Armstrong, Kevin Graduate School E 2021
Barbier, Kathryn College of Arts & Sciences Alternate E 2020
Bourgeois, Thomas Dean of Students Ex-Officio
Brinkman, Erin College of Veterinary Medicine Chair E 2021
Capella, Julie Student Support Services Ex-Officio
Crumpton, Amy College of Architecture, Art & Design E 2021
Cuevas, David Student Association A 2020
Forbes, Rasheda Multicultural Affairs/ Diversity Center Ex-Officio
Granger, Josh College of Forest Resources Alternate E 2021
Graves, Jessica College of Agriculture & Life Sciences E 2020
Gullett, Phil Bagley College of Engineering E 2020
Hansen, Eric At-Large / (Bagley College of Engineering) A 2021
Henry, Brien Graduate School Ex-Officio
Knight, Adam At-Large / (College of Education) A 2021
Lueg, Jason College of Business E 2020
Meyer, Robert College of Veterinary Medicine Alternate E 2020
Miller, Lyndsey College of Architecture, Art & Design Alternate E 2021
Priddy, Lauren Bagley College of Engineering Alternate E 2021
Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca Faculty Senate A 2020
Ross, Ryan College of Education Alternate E 2020
Rush, Scott College of Forest Resources E 2021
Sparks, Darrell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Alternate E 2020
Walters, Kim College of Arts & Sciences E 2020
Ward, Jervette At-Large / (College of Arts & Sciences) A 2021