Athletic Council
Committee reports to: President

Advises the President on matters pertaining to athletics.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Addy, Noel Accounting 2020
Allison, Rachel Department of Sociology 2022
Amos, Mallory Student Association 2021
Bradway, Mary Bulldog Club 2020
Brett, Bracky Exec. Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
Carr, Ann Exec. Senior Associate Athletic Director
Cohen, John Athletic Director
Dodds, Darrin Department Head for Plant and Soil Sciences 2022
Donohoe, Pat Deptartment of Electrical & Computer Engineering 2021
Felker, Rocky M-Club 2020
Forbes, RaSheda Institutional Diversity & Inclusion
Fountain, Brent Faculty Athletic Representative Chair
George, Eric Chief Financial Officer, Athletic Department
Jackson, Christine Athletic Academic Support Services
Keenum, Mark E. President
Lizariturry, Sara Bulldog CARE 2020
Marett, Kent Management Information Systems 2020
Marshall, Anne Department of History 2021
Neal, Anthony Department of Philosophy 2022
Richey, Mike Bulldog Club Exec. Director
Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca President, Robert Holland Faculty Senate 2021
Rodriguez, Ben Assistant Athletic Director, Life Skills
Salter, Sid Chief Communications Officer
Schexnayder, Kody Student M-Club, SAAC 2020
Shaw, David Provost and Executive Vice President
Smith, Garrett Student Association 2021
Stevens, Cristi Staff Council (Back Up Representative) 2021
Toney, Jerry Alumni Association 2018
Vaughn, Briana Assistant Director of Administration
White, Ronnie Staff Council 2021