President's Committee on Planning
Committee reports to: President

Coordinates campus-wide strategic planning activities that chart the short-term and long-term priorities for the future of the university. The campus-wide priorities and goals established by this committee will provide the framework for the development of strategic plans in all units of the university. The members of the committee are selected based on their representation of key groups on campus. This committee is led by the Provost and Executive Vice President and is advisory to the President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Baham, Tracey Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Bourgeois, Angie Dean, College of Architecture, Art and Design; Deans Council representative
Buol, John President, Graduate Student Association
Carr, Rhonda Meridian Campus
Chambers, Jan Giles Distinguished Professor
Coats, Linda College of Education
Coble, Keith Agricultural Economics
Cohen, John Director of Athletics
Cruse, Terry Dale Head of Campus, Meridian
Dean, Jeff Academic Department Heads Executive Committee
Delgado, LaDonne Libraries
Dickerson, John Assistant Vice President, Enrollment
Follett, Randy Bagley College of Engineering
Forbes, Rasheda Assistant VP for Multicultural Affairs
Gregory, Nathan Vice-Chair, Staff Council
Hyatt, Regina Vice President for Student Affairs
Jackson, Gary Director, Extension
Jordan, Julie Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Lueg, Jason College of Business/Asst.VP Intern for Academic Affairs
Moore, Reuben Interim Vice President for Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine
Packer, Tyler President, Student Association
Parrott, Steve Chief Information Officer
Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca Robert Holland Faculty Senate
Rush, John Vice President for Development and Alumni
Ryan, Peter Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Salter, Sid Chief Communications Officer and Director, Public Affairs
Seal, Susan Executive Director, Distance Education
Shaw, David Provost and Executive Vice President Chair
Snyder, Chris Shackouls Honors College
West, Robert English
Zant, Don Vice President for Finance & Administration and CFO
Zuckerman, Molly Anthropology/Middle Eastern Culture