Master Plan Development and Advisory Committee
Committee reports to: President

The purpose of the Master Plan Development and Advisory Committee will be to review planning and site development activities across all MSU campuses and locations, in addition to working on the continued administration, maintenance, and implementation of the master plan. The Master Plan Development and Advisory Committee will be chaired by the Provost and Executive Vice President and will report to the President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Artunc, Sadik Landscape Architecture (non-voting) A
Ashmore, Zac Chair, Staff Council A 2020
Bailey, Hart Chair, Monuments & Memorials Subcommittee A
Baker, Roger Associate Director Planning, Design & Space Management (non-voting) A
Bourgeois, Angi Dean, College of Architecture, Art and Design A
Brenner, Devon Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development A
Capella, Julie Student Support Services (non-voting) A
Chamblee, Tim Chair, DRC Subcommittee A
Cohen, John Director of Athletics A
Davis, George Executive Director, Campus Services A
Dumas, Jeremiah Director, Parking, Transit and Sustainability (non-voting) A
Dunne, Jim Interim Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs A
Follett, Randy Faculty Senate, President A 2020
Hyatt, Regina Vice President, Division of Student Affairs A
Jones, Mary Ann Faculty Senate, Vice President A 2020
Jones, Michelle Department of Archives & History (non-voting) A
Lucas, Joan General Counsel A
Manning, Jake Student Association, President A 2020
McCarty, Jack Executive Director, Development A
Moore, Reuben Interim Vice President, Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine A
Muzzi, Tim Director, Office of Planning, Design and Construction Administration A
Ryan, Peter Associate Provost A
Sankovich, Dennis MSU-Meridian (non-voting) A
Shaw, David Provost and Executive Vice President Chair A
Toney, Jerry Division of Development and Alumni A
Truax, Dennis Professor and Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering (non-voting) A
Tuck, Amy Vice President, Campus Services and Office of the President A
Zant, Don Vice President for Finance and CFO A