Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

Provides oversight for the process of annual self assessment, which is used for continual improvement of all divisions and units of the university. The committee reviews all unit assessment plans and provides feedback to units. Members are appointed with no specific term length.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Anderson, Tommy Associate Dean & Professor, Arts & Sciences A
Baham, Tracey Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness A
Berman, Mitchell Professor & Head, Psychology A
Brain, Stephen Associate Professor, History A
Chancellor, Marion Lead Coordinator, Center for Distance Education A
Chrisman, Jim Professor & Head, Management & Information Systems A
Cunetto, Stephen Associate Dean, University Library A
Dechert, Ed Assessment Coordinator, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness A
Ford, George Director & Professor, Building Construction Science A
Fountain , Brent Interim Director, Career Center & Associate Ext. Professor, Food Science, Nutrition, & Health Promotion A
Franz, Dana Associate Professor, Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education A
Frey, Brent Assistant Professor, FWRC - Forestry A
Grado, Steve Professor, FWRC - Forestry A
Green, Robert Undergraduate Coordinator, Dean of Engineering A
Guerry, Josie Manager, Graduate & Distance Education, Engineering A
Hallberg, Cappe Student Services Coordinator, School of Human Sciences A
Hardman, Alisha Assistant Professor, School of Human Sciences A
Jayroe, Terry Associate Dean & Professor, Dean of Education A
Johnson, Jada Instructor, Sociology A
Johnson, Mitzy Assistant Dean, College of Education A
Lee, Deborah Professor & Co-Director, University Library A
Lee, Hope Student Association A 2022
Lueg, Jason Professor, Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, & Business Law A
Memili, Erdogan Professor, Animal & Dairy Science & Faculty Senate Representative A 2021
Miller, Beth Professor & Director, Interior Design A
Miller, Elizabeth Assistant Professor, English A
Miller, Shane Assistant Professor, Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures A
Moser, Kelly Assistant Professor, Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures A
Munn, Ian Associate Dean/Professor, FWRC A
Nadorff, Danielle Assistant Professor, Psychology A
Newman, Michael Professor & Director, School of Human Sciences A
Parker, Julie Associate Professor, School of Human Science A
Perry, Ashley Instructor, Sociology A
Pineda, Kayla Assessment Coodinator, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness A
Ponder, Nicole Professor, Marketing/Quantitative Analysis/Business Law A
Priddy, Lauren Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biologocal Engineering A
Priddy, Matthew Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering A
Rai, Aswathy Assistant Clinical Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology, & Plant Pathology A
Reeves, Kari Associate Dean, Interim Head of Industrial & System Eng. & Professor, Bagley College of Engineering A
Rendon, Andrew Director, Assessment Office, Student Affairs A
Rogers, Kevin Associate Dean & Professor, College of Business Chair A
Ryan, Peter Associate Provost of Academic Affairs & Professor, Office of the Provost A
Schauwecker, Tim Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture A
Shaw, Emily Director of Undergrad/Grad Advising, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences A
Simpson, C. LaShan Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biologocal Engineering A
Spurlin, Paul Associate Professor, Meridian Divsion of Business A
Sumrall, Brandi Instructor, Meridian Division of Education A
Thomas, Kathleen Head and Professor, Finance & Economics, College of Business A
Vaughn, Mary Associate Director, Assessment & Testing Services A
Vickers, Brad Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology A
Willard, Scott Associate Dean & Professor, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences A