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African Students Association

The African Students Association (ASA) was started and registered as a Students' Organization in 2004 by Peter Ampim,a graduate student from Ghana, and Dr. Robert Damm "Babatunde" was the founding Faculty Advisor. The current advisors include: Dr. Margaret Khaitsa, College of Veterinary Medicine (Advisor), and Dr. Caroline Kobia, School of Human Sciences (Advisor). The goal of ASA is to help each other as a community and share information with the Mississippi State Student Body and Starkville community about the diversity and culture of the African continent and it's people.


Africa, African students, Black

Bangladesh Association of Mississippi State University

BAMSU is the student association that represents Bangladesh. It was established to promote awareness of all aspects of Bangledeshi culture; to provide support for Bangledeshi students at MSU, and to assist prospective Bangladeshi students considering MSU.


Bangladesh, BAMSU

Black Fashion Society

Black Fashion Society takes pride in African American culture. Our purpose is to provide a safe place for the black creatives( as well as others) around Mississippi State University’s campus. Amongst being a fashion organization, we also strive to promote unity, embrace free thinking, and to share knowledge as well as encourage service. We have many positions available to suit each member. Those include, but aren’t limited to: Models, stylist, cosmetology, photography/videography, PR/Marketing, and more.


Fashion, Cultural, Minority, Safe Space, Creative

Black Student Association

The objective of BSA is to serve as the official umbrella organization for African American student organizations. BSA also serves as the liaison between the university administration and all African American/Minority students that are currently enrolled at Mississippi State University.


Black, Student, Association, Alliance, BSA, Holmes, Cultural, Diversity, Center, HCDC

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Provide activitise for Chinese students and scholars


Academic, culture, Chinese, Kongfu, show

Classics Club at Mississippi State University

The Classics Club seeks to promote the Greek and Latin cultures and languages at Mississippi State University. Feel free to contact any of our officers for more information. We welcome new members.


Classics, Language, Latin, Greek

French Club at Mississippi State University

The objective of MSU French Club is to foster appreciation and enjoyment of French language and Francophone culture among members in a laid-back atmosphere. Meetings are usually bi-monthly. It is NOT necessary to know French to become a member. People from all levels and backgrounds with an interest in the culture are welcome to join us!


French, language, French culture, France, Francophone, français, France, Paris, Art, Academic, Learning

German Club at Mississippi State University

The MSU German Club promotes German culture on campus and in the community. We usually meet twice a month and plan activities such as movie nights, book clubs, and Stammtisch. Stammtisch is a meeting of friends to talk and chit-chat over food. We look forward to introducing the new members to the German Club!


German, foreign language, Germany, Oktoberfest, Movie Night

Indian Student Association

Indian Student Association's principal motto is to spread awareness about Indian culture around campus and provide a platform for Indian students to come together, celebrate our culture, get involved with the locals and provide a voice for the students both old and new and ultimately assimilate ourselves well.


Academic, Business, Cultural, Indian, Diversity

International Student Advisory Board

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) within the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center is a group of students that hail from every corner of the world. ISAB has two main purposes. One is to assist international students in gaining a fulfilling student experience at Mississippi State University, as well as, connecting with the culture of the United States – which is just as unique and different as their own. The other purpose is to provide different departments and organizations at the university with valuable advice and knowledge of the needs, desires, and wants of international students. The goal is to bring the international student community together as a whole to promote an inclusive environment for not only international students but the entire Bulldog family.Please check out our social media at (Facebook) and @isab_msu (Instagram)


International, ISAB, Global, International Student, Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural

International Student Organization for Languages and Cultures

We are an organization that offers tutoring to individuals taking classes in foreign languages. We offer tutoring in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and the Classics. We hope to extend out outreach soon by joining international and language-specific groups for events.


Tutoring, French, Spanish, German, Classics, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Latin, Greek

Iranian Student Association

Iranian Student Association (IRSA) at Mississippi State University is a cultural association with a mission to acquaint the MSU community with the rich culture and traditions of Iran. IRSA organizes a variety of celebrations and traditional events at MSU and participates actively to increase cultural awareness of student body of MSU. Iranian Student Association activities across all parts of campus will have the opportunity to be exposed to a very unique culture of Iran and Persia, and various international cultural and sports events at MSU and the city of Starkville.


International, Iran, Culture, MSU, Celebration, Tradition, Cultural, music, custume, performance, Iranian-American, Food.

Italian Studies and Culture Club

We are a group of Mississippi State Students who are interested in Italian studies, culture and other aspects that make up the language.


Academic, Italian, Language, Culture

Japanese Club at MSU

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to promote, discover, and learn about Japanese culture and language.


japan, japanese, cultural, culture

Korean Pop Culture Club

The purpose of this club is to promote current pop culture happening in Korea and to stimulate personal interaction among those who have interest or are educated in modern Korean culture by providing social exchange. Korean Pop Culture Club also seeks to create and maintain a bridge between Mississippi State Students and Korean transfer students so that they can help one another understand and experience each other’s language and culture.


Korea, Korean culture, K-pop, Kdrama, culture club

Korean Student Association

This is the Korean Student Association. The primary purpose is to assist Korean students in MSU. Qualification for a member of this organization is to have Korean blood.


KSA, Korean, Korea

Latino Student Association

The Latino Student Association is an organization that focuses on networking, developing a Latino alumni base, creating Latino leaders on campus and Latino professionals in the workplace, providing social avenues to unite Latino students on campus, and engaging in community service opportunities.


Latino, Latina, Hispanic, Spanish, Latinx

Middle East Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate greater student interest in the Middle East and to educate the campus community, at Mississippi State, about the importance of the Middle East through public outreach, campus activities, and scholarly events. Another purpose of this organization is to create a fellowship of students interested in and from the Middle East, in order to promote the study of social diversity and cultural richness of the Middle East.


Middle East, Middle East Student Association, Student Association, Student, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, University, Muslim, North Africa, Diversity, Culture

Moroccan Students Association

MOSA is a cultural organization with the purpose of giving the student body of MSU a chance to get to know Morocco and its amazing culture and traditions through a variety of social and informative events.


MOSA, Morocco, Moroccan culture, Moroccan students

MSU Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is a social organization, which unites those students who are studying Spanish courses or speak Spanish. The main purpose of the club is to help Spanish students improve their language skills through several activities. The Spanish Club seeks to unite Spanish-speaking students of all different levels in order to learn more about the Spanish language and culture. The club provides many opportunities for fun, language practice and cultural activities, including watching Spanish-language movies or videos, playing games in Spanish, guest speakers, or participating in a conversation.


Spanish, Cultural, Club, language, business, organization

Nach at MSU

Nach is an Indian Dance group made up of a diverse Group of Mississippi State students, who love to dance and explore the rich history of India. The group was started by Swati Desai in '07, since then Nach has grown and has become well known around Mississippi. Nach has thrilled audiences with countless high-energy and vibrant performances inspired by Raas/Garba, the World of Bollywood, and Bhangra.


MSU NACH, dance, team

Nepalese Student Association

Nepalese Students’ Association has been established in the year of 2009 in the initiation of some highly motivated, dynamic, and energetic personnel with the objectives: ● To promote Nepalese culture at Mississippi State University and in local community of Mississippi State. ● To encompass all the individuals who share common or unique interests about Nepal, its culture, and the life of Nepalese. ● To act as a bridge for cultural and educational exchanges between Nepalese students at Mississippi State University. ● To extend help and cooperation to all Nepalese students at Mississippi State University as necessary. ● To involve in community service to foster greater unity within the community through social network, and to understand the community better. From the day of our inception, we have been actively organizing and participating in numerous community services and student activities including Blood drive, Habitat for humanity, International fiesta, and Sports competitions. It is our great honor and privilege for getting these opportunities to work in creating a better environment for international students while serving to our Starkville community. Thank you everyone for accepting us as a part of Starkville Community. We strongly believe in "Together we can do better"


Student Organization, Nepalese, Nepal

Saudi Students Association at Mississippi State University

To promote knowledge of the Saudi culture and develop networks for the communication between Saudi and non-Saudi students, professionals, and friends. In addition, Saudi Students Association can serve as a home away from home for the Saudis to meet each other and celebrate their cultural unity.


Saudi Arabia, Volunteer, Starkville, MSU, Mississippi State University, Mississippi.


Sojourn will be a multilingual publication, highlighting languages taught at MSU. By writing and practicing a foreign language students learning the language receive a new way to explore the language, and native speakers have a way to use their own skills to show their culture.


German, French, Latin, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, publication, journal, multilingual

Starkville Russian Club

The Russian Club serves to promote and educate others on the culture, lifestyle, and language of Russia. Students and faculty of Mississippi State University are all more than welcome to join.


Russian Club, Russian, Starkville, Mississippi State University

Taiwanese Student Association at Mississippi State University

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and supportive community for all Taiwanese studying and working abroad at Mississippi State.


Taiwan, Taiwanese, Student, association, Chinese, Starkville, MSSTATE, Mississippi

The Vietnamese Student Association

The MSU VSA is a student organization dedicated to the benefit of its thriving community and excellent members by hosting events and fundraisers throughout the year as well as actively participation in on-campus activities.


Vietnamese Vietnam VSA Diversity

Turkish Student Association

Our association represents the Turkish culture and provide an opportunity to introduce Turkish culture to American and all other international people.


Turkey, Turkish