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The ACCESS Art Club is an organization to give students the opportunity to show their creativity and meet other people that share the same interests.


Art, Drawing, Painting, ACCESS.

Anime Club at MSU

The MSU Anime Club is a student organization of like-minded individuals who share an interest in Japanese animation.


Japanese animation club, anime club, student organization, special interest, other

Block and Bridle Club, Mississippi State University Chapter

Any undergraduate student who is interested in agriculture, livestock, or any agricultural-related field is invited to join us this 2015-2016 school year. As a club, we strive to promote agriculture in a positive and active way. We also aim to build lifelong relationships between our faculty, staff, and students.


livestock, animal science, agriculture

Bulldog Aviation Club

We promote aviation within the Mississippi State University campus. We offer everything from free ground school to free flights. The club is open to anyone with an interest in aviation.


Aviation, Flying, Pilot

Bulls and Bears Trading Club

We are an organization dedicated to technically, fundamentally and sentimentally analyzing the financial markets and discerning which Currencies, Stocks, Commodities to trade with in order to make a REAL profit. More for Business or Finance majors.


Business, Finance, Forex, Brokers, Trading, Stocks, Investing, currencies, International, Foreign, Exchange, Pips, Money, Profit, Capitalist

Bully Force

Students of Mississippi State University dedicated to the advancement of the 425th Cadet Wing

Bully's Bond: Human-Animal Bond Club

Bully's Bond strives to promote and provide education about the Human-Animal Bond, to investigate the influence of the Human-Animal bond on the health and well-being of humans and the animals they interact with, to serve as a community resource for information pertaining to the Human-Animal Bond, to serve as an umbrella organization for existing College of Veterinary Medicine clubs/programs, to promote existing CVM clubs and programs that involve the Human-Animal Bond and the positive impact that they are making, and create community involvement and outreach opportunities


Academic, Bully, Human, Animal, Bond, Veterinary, Medicine

College of Forest Resources Dean's Council

We are here to represent the students of the College of Forest Resources and connect them to the Dean, faculty, and administration. We also take part in activities that promote participation in student life on campus. We are also here to advise the Dean of the College of Forest Resources on academic and extra-curricular aspects of student life


Forestry, Wildlife, Sustainable Bioproducts, Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, NREC, SBP, CFR, College of Forest Resources

Dairy Science Club

This club is open to students of any major that have an interest in dairy cattle or the dairy industry. Activities include local service projects, dairy show team, fundraisers, raising awareness about the dairy industry in the community, membership in American Dairy Science-Student Affiliate Division (ADSA-SAD) and participation in those meetings at the regional and national level.


Dairy, Animal and Dairy Science, community service, campus involvement, American Dairy Science-Student Affiliate Division, show team, milk, cheese, ice cream

Disney Club

Each week, we gather together to spend time with new friends and watch Disney films and play trivia. It's a very nice way to relax in the week.


Disney, Movie, Marvel, Mickey, Mouse, Animated

Disney College Program Alumni Association

The MSU Disney College Program Alumni Association is an organization that welcomes all students who have successfully completed the Disney College Program through the Walt Disney Company. The Disney College Program is a paid, semester-long internship during which participates live in either Orlando, FL., or Anaheim, CA., and gain skills in networking and leadership, along with valuable work experience. Our organization's mission is to reconnect all Disney interns upon their return to the MSU campus.


disney, internship, alumni, disney college program


The MSU eClub is a group of innovative students who aspire to make new innovative things happen. We are all about helping each other understand the fundamentals of launching new ventures and developing ourselves professionally. At the beginning of the semester, we all pitch ideas for startups, after which we decide our favorite idea(s) to work on throughout the semester/year. We hold weekly meetings to discuss actions to take towards developing our startups, as well as our entrepreneurial knowledge. The club offers access to successful entrepreneurs as mentors, entrepreneurial events, trips to national conferences, as well as many other opportunities in order to help students advance their successful education and career.


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business, Venture, Startup, Start up, CEO, Collegiate Entrepreneur, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Management, Professional, Development, Club, Building, future, human capital, eClub, success


Since 1988, the U.S. Department of Energy has sponsored 12 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) Mississippi State University (MSU) is proud of its 11 year involvement in recent AVTCs including Challenge X, EcoCAR, EcoCAR 2, EcoCAR 3, and now EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. These competitions have aided in growing many successful MSU alumni, roughly 100 per semester. MSU AVTC alumni enter the industry with strong skill sets such as valuable experience in real-world engineering practices, resource allocation, and meeting deliverables. Currently, MSU’S EcoCAR team consists of 80 students from 10 different majors. The diverse team represented six of the university’s eight academic colleges. MSU’s impressive success in the three previous competitions motivates the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge team to continue its success in the current competition. MSU’s most notable AVTC achievements include first place overall in years 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012. MSU is strongly committed to the AVTC series because of the advantage and experience it gives our students, both technical and non-technical alike, while creating positive publicity for the university. Through promoting an eco-friendly tomorrow, we bridge the gap between academia and industry today. Building on MSU’s past successes in AVTCs, the MSU EcoCAR Mobility Challenge team will develop innovative strategies to modify a 2019 Chevy Blazer to a hybrid electric platform while adding semi-autonomous features to the vehicle. The MSU EcoCAR team of over 80 students will compete along with 12 other universities from across North America. The competition will span four years with specific goals to meet engineering, environmental, and economic goals and still meet the customer standards for the Blazer.


Engineering, General Motors, Chevrolet, Camaro, Bagley College of Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Computer, Software, Chemical, Aerospace, Simulations, CHE, CPE, ME, EE, ISE, IE, SE, CS, EcoCAR, EcoCAR 3, EcoCAR3, Car, CAVS, Performance, Engineer, Communication, Communications, CO, vehicle

Fashion Board

The purpose of MSU Fashion Board is to provide opportunities for Mississippi State University students to pursue fashion on a variety of levels. These may include, but are not limited to, modeling, production, design, lighting, backstage management, photography, music, hair styling, and make up artistry. In addition to our contributions to the university, Fashion Board partners with campus and community entities to provide fashion based activities and services. Also, members serve as volunteer pageant judges in the local area as requested.


Fashion, Fashion Board, MSU Fashion, MSU Fashion Board

Fiber Arts Bulldawgs

Fiber Arts Bulldawgs organization focuses on fostering creativity and practicing fiber arts techniques, including embroidery, knitting, and crochet. We currently plan to meet twice a month, and have a variety of meetings planned. One meeting per month will include a lesson or project demonstration that we will follow as a group. The second meeting will serve as a social time for the members to get together and work on individual projects, share ideas, and build friendships. In addition, we seek to not only spread the art of embroidery to our campus, but also create pieces that can be given to local nursing homes to bring joy to people as well as collaborate with the Starkville Boys and Girls Club. This organization is open to anyone, at any skill level, who is interested in learning more about fiber arts and gaining new creative skills!


Art, Fiber Arts, Embroidery, Crochet, Knitting, Volunteer, Service

Figure Drawing at MSU

The goal of MSU Open Figure Drawing Session is to provide a place for students, faculty, and community alike to congregate and better their abilities by drawing the figure, free of charge.


art, fine arts, figure drawing, life drawing, figure, life, drawing

Gamers' Guild

The primary purpose of this organization is to promote the art and playing of video games and the industry within it through the form of actively engaging in the playing of video games.


Video Games, Games, Tournaments, Hangout, Fighting games, Pokemon

Horseman's Association at MSU

MSU Horseman's Association is a club for those interested in horses and the horse industry. No horse ownership is required to join! If you want to get involved with horses in any way, shape, or form; come join us! We have monthly guest speakers ranging from elite Equestrians and AQHA officials to your everyday farrier or business owner. Meetings are held every first and third Tuesday in Room 4043 of the Wise Center (Animal and Dairy Science Department; 4th floor). We also participate in helping host local shows at the MS Horse Park, Dixie Nationals in Jackson, MS; assist our community with the therapeutic riding center in West Point, MS and at Golden Triangle Horse Rescue. If you have any questions or comments regarding the club please email us at


horse, agriculture, equine, equestrian, outdoor, horseman, animals, horsemen

Horticulture Club at Mississippi State University

The MSU Horticulture Club offers interested students the opportunity to further their horticultural education in an informal, fun, and competitive manner. Club activities include community service projects, plant sales, trade shows, competition at regional and national meetings, and trips. Through identification and judging of plant materials, students have the opportunity to travel and bring recognition to themselves, and the university. The mission of the MSU Horticulture Club is to encourage the study and practice of all phases of horticulture. Any interested MSU student is welcome to join the Horticulture Club.


Agriculture, horticulture, plant, green, house, soil, science, Mississippi, state, university, club, garden, flower, floral, business, green, ornamental

Mississippi State NASA Mining Robotics Competition Team

The Mississippi State Robotic Mining Competition Team, the first interdisciplinary robotics team of its kind, was founded in 2013 by a small but dedicated team of engineering students wanting to prepare themselves for the exciting future of robotics. Now in our third year, the team is passionate about designing and building original, innovative, and lightweight robots that conquer each competition’s challenges in unique ways. The team is about more than just a competition, though. As mentors of local BEST and FIRST Robotics teams, we help young students become interested in engineering, and help them take steps towards becoming the next generation of innovators.


Engineering, Design, Build, Build Team, Competition, Team, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Programming, Electrical Engineering, CAVS, NASA, Robotics, Lead, Space, Teamwork, STaRS, Computer Engineering, Science, Create

Mississippi State University Chess Club

The MSU Chess Club is designed to provide anybody that is interested in chess a chance to play, interact and learn. Playing chess is a great way to enjoy yourself, socialize with friends, and improve your skills.


Mississippi, State, University, Chess, Club, board, game, play, skill, union, MSU

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine Theriogenology Club

The Society of Theriogenology is an organization of veterinarians dedicated to animal reproduction, whose mission is to promote standards of excellence in reproductive medicine, to provide outreach and education to veterinarians, and to foster continual improvements in theriogenology.


Academic, Veterinary, Medicine, Theriogenology, Animal Science

Mississippi State University Collegiate Cattleman's Association

This association is directly affiliated with the Mississippi Cattlemen's Association and is open to all students with an interest in cattle or beef regardless if you own cattle yourself. There are no member requirements to be a part of this club. Membership dues are $25 and can be paid at any of the meetings. Along with the membership you receive a years subscription of the Mississippi Cattlemen's monthly magazine. We meet the first Tuesday of every Month at 5:30pm in Ballew Hall in the large classroom. Hope to see you there! If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers!


Cattlemen, Cattleman's, Cattle, Mississippi, Association, Collegiate, Agriculture, Animal and Dairy Sciences, ADS

Mississippi State University Collegiate FFA

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Students do not have to have been a member of FFA in high school to become a member of Collegiate FFA


Agricultural, Service

Mississippi State University History Club

Our goal is to bring educational awareness to individuals and give them first hand accounts of events throughout History. We will work to bring individuals to Mississippi State while working with other student groups.


History, oral history, historical, education, educational, museum

Mississippi State University Space Cowboys

The MSU Space Cowboys is an undergraduate rocket design team from Mississippi State University. This award-winning team designs, builds, and launches sounding rockets for research and international competitions every year.


Space, Cowboy, Rocket, Design, Research, Competition, Aerospace, Engineering

MSU Academic Quiz Bowl Team

The MSU Academic Quiz Bowl Team has been restarted! Tryouts will be held in August. Please contact John Haynes at if you have more questions.


Quiz, Bowl, Team, Club, Academic, NAQT

MSU W5YD Amateur Radio Club

This organization is based around the hobby amateur radio. We are a volunteer-based organization.


Radio, Ham Radio, Amateur Radio, W5YD, Federal license, electrical engineering

Silver Screeners Film Society

We exist for the movie fanatic and for those wanting to learn more about the medium of film. Members will be introduced to films domestic and foreign, old and new, popular and obscure. We seek to foster an appreciation of film as a medium and understood the process of filmmaking.


Film, Movies, Entertainment, Video, Storytelling, Club

Silver Wings

Silver Wings is a national, co-ed, professional organization dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable, and effective civic leaders through community service and education about national defense.


Silver Wings, Service, Air Force, Honorary, Professional

Smash Dawgs at MSU

Smash Dawgs at MSU is a student organization at Mississippi State University centered around interest in Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros. franchise. With the purpose of fostering a community that is both competitive and casual, we provide a welcoming atmosphere where players can make new friends and have fun. We meet every Wednesday (unless otherwise specified) at 7:30pm in the Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium.


Super Smash Bros., Competitive, Casual, Fun, Community, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for WiiU

Soaring Club at Mississippi State University

Our demonstration flights, soaring instruction, and other activities introduce members and general public to soaring, aeronautics, and flight. Learn more about MSUSC by clicking the link in the next bullet point.


Soaring, sailplane, glider, flying, aerospace, pilot

Soil and Water Conservation Society-MSU

The Soil and Water Conservation Society at MS State focuses on issues surrounding the conservation of natural resources. Comprised of students as well as faculty, SWCS is characterized by the connection of individuals who all share the common goal of soil and water conservation. Common events hosted by this chapter include stream cleanups, stream training workshops, and monthly meetings that enhance the capabilities of conservationists through training and professional development. For more information visit our website at


soil, water, environment, conservation, service, outreach, professional development, experience, civil engineering, environmental engineering, natural resource, water resources, stream restoration

Space Hardware Design Team

The goal of the Space Hardware Design Team is to design and build small satellites and space hardware in order to provide opportunities to enhance and develop the skills of students at Mississippi State University as well as to further the progress of science being done in the state of Mississippi.



Speech and Debate Council at Mississippi State University

The MSU Speech & Debate Council was created to promote critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork for students of MSU in any major. The skills are introduced, reinforced, and encouraged by our coaches, Cheryl Chambers (IE) and Brett Harvey (Debate). The students' skills are significantly enhanced and tested through providing students with opportunities for co-curricular competition in debate, oratorical, and interpretation events. The mission of the program includes finding tournament opportunities that will both challenge students as well as provide an opportunity for success.


speech, debate, forensics

Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers

SAIFD is the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers. We are an organization that specializes in the excellence of floral design. Anyone is able to join SAIFD- that means any major! We meet every other week on Wednesdays at 6:00pm in Dorman room 116. We learn new techniques and creative ideas on designing with flowers. From flowers in the media to guest designers, we think SAIFD is the club for you!


Plant and Soil Science, Horticulture, Flowers, Design, SAIFD, Competition, CALS, creativity, Flower Club, art, University Florist, Florist, floral

TEDx at Mississippi State Unversity

This is an organization that is dedicated to bringing TEDx to Mississippi State University. The organization will be in charge of hosting a TEDx event once a year in accordance with the official rules and regulations set by TED. The purpose of TED is to present "ideas worth sharing", which will be maintained by this organization, along with the intentional effort to help better the MSU-Starkville community.


TEDx, TED, Ideas, Speaker, Public Speaking, Academics, Sports, Technology, Design, Entertainment

The disAbility Group

The specific purposes of the organization will be the following: a. To promote disability awareness issues on campus through monthly activities and guest speakers. b. To provide resources and information about various inclusion programs, scholarships, which will introduce career opportunities for students with disabilities. c. To increase recruitment and retention of students with disabilities in college through professional development activities. d. To inform students of Accessibility issues and plan activities to encourage universal design ideas. e. To build a community of support for students with disabilities at MSU.



The Streetcar

The Streetcar is MSU's creative arts journal. We are completely student-run and all of our submissions come from MSU students. We accept short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art of various mediums. For more information about how to submit, please see our website!


the streetcar, tsc, creative arts journal, creative arts, creative writing, poetry, creative nonfiction, creative, art, arts journal

United Nations Association of the United States at Mississippi State

MSU UNA is open to all majors, all levels, and serves as a career resource for students. MSU UNA educates and supports issues of interests advocated for by the United Nations (UN), including but not limited to energy and climate, global health, women's rights, and environmental issues.


Academic, Career, Professional, Diversity, Global, Special Interest, Political

Xipiter Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Unmanned Aerial Systems engineering design team responsible for the design and fabrication of the Xawk family of aircraft.