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F.L.A.R.E. - Fostering LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Resources, and Environments

Our mission is to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity at the university for the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized communities through programs and events. We provide students with a welcoming environment in which they can be themselves, and people from all spectrums of the LGBTQ+ community feel comfortable.


LGBTQ+, Activism, Advocacy, Awareness, Gay, Bi, Pan, Ace, Demi, Trans, Transgender, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Demisexual, Queer, LGBT, Safe Zone

Facta Non Verba

Facta Non Verba, which means "Deeds, Not Words" in Latin, is a group dedicated to honoring the service of American veterans through volunteer work.


Service, volunteer, volunteering, service work, veterans, veteran, military, army, marine corps, navy, air force, coast guard


We are a fraternity centered around brotherhood with social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual values.


Academic, Business, Intramural etc...

Fashion Board

The purpose of MSU Fashion Board is to provide opportunities for Mississippi State University students to pursue fashion on a variety of levels. These may include, but are not limited to, modeling, production, design, lighting, backstage management, photography, music, hair styling, and make up artistry. In addition to our contributions to the university, Fashion Board partners with campus and community entities to provide fashion based activities and services. Also, members serve as volunteer pageant judges in the local area as requested.


Fashion, Fashion Board, MSU Fashion, MSU Fashion Board

Feed The Hunger

Feed the Hunger is an organization with the goal of raising monetary funds to host a packing event. Meals packed at this event will be packaged by students and community volunteers. The meals will then be shipped across the world to various locations in need of food.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is targeted at reaching athletes and coaches. In order to best reach this group through the Huddle, participants of Huddles are to be current or former members of recognized school athletic teams and those who carry an interest in athletics.


Athletics, Christian, FCA, Fellowship

Fiber Arts Bulldawgs

Fiber Arts Bulldawgs organization focuses on fostering creativity and practicing fiber arts techniques, including embroidery, knitting, and crochet. We currently plan to meet twice a month, and have a variety of meetings planned. One meeting per month will include a lesson or project demonstration that we will follow as a group. The second meeting will serve as a social time for the members to get together and work on individual projects, share ideas, and build friendships. In addition, we seek to not only spread the art of embroidery to our campus, but also create pieces that can be given to local nursing homes to bring joy to people as well as collaborate with the Starkville Boys and Girls Club. This organization is open to anyone, at any skill level, who is interested in learning more about fiber arts and gaining new creative skills!


Art, Fiber Arts, Embroidery, Crochet, Knitting, Volunteer, Service

Figure Drawing at MSU

The goal of MSU Open Figure Drawing Session is to provide a place for students, faculty, and community alike to congregate and better their abilities by drawing the figure, free of charge.


art, fine arts, figure drawing, life drawing, figure, life, drawing

First Baptist University Ministry

First Baptist University Ministry exists to gather together regularly, grow in faith in Jesus Christ through worship and Bible study, give in ministry opportunities locally and globally, and go out with the message of the gospel to the community and world.


Faith, Baptist, Jesus

Food Science Club

The Food Science Club (FSC) is housed in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion and aims to promote Food Science as a career and provide students with interest in all things food a creative and educational outlet to learn and experience all food science has to offer. The club organizes large scale commercial production of various food products, invites industry professionals to speak at meetings, hosts educational workshops centered around food and food production/safety and plans social events to promote comaradery within the department and those with similar interests.


Food Science, Jelly, Meat, Cheese, Food, Eat, Cook, Career

Forest Products Society Student Chapter of Mississippi State University

We are the Student Chapter of the Forest Products Society, the next generation of the world’s largest network of forest products professionals. We hold monthly meetings where industrial speakers or visiting scientists are invited for seminars and career promotion. Fundraising and donation activities are also arranged to sponsor social events. We would like to invite all the SBD students interested in our meetings, activities, and membership benefits (including access to Forest Products Journal) to join us.


sustainable bioproducts, forest products, wood science, international, national, forestry, environment, networking, science, forests

French Club at Mississippi State University

The objective of MSU French Club is to foster appreciation and enjoyment of French language and Francophone culture among members in a laid-back atmosphere. Meetings are usually bi-monthly. It is NOT necessary to know French to become a member. People from all levels and backgrounds with an interest in the culture are welcome to join us!


French, language, French culture, France, Francophone, français, France, Paris, Art, Academic, Learning

Friendly Reliable Individuals Engaging N Diverse Societies

The purpose of our organization is to encourage people who feel that they do not belong into any particular group to step outside of their comfort zones and interact with other people who may exhibit the same feelings. What we do is bring people together with similar interest and different backgrounds to stimulate their ability to foster friendships, build confidence, and help them to get better acclimated to campus life whether it be socially or academically driven. While we appeal mostly to freshmen, distance, and transfer students, we are open to anyone who is interested.


Friends, Social, Different Backgrounds, Comfort Zones, Similar Interests, Social Network, Academic Network, Diversity, Reliable, Diverse Societies, Engaging.