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I.D.E.A.L. Woman

Providing excellent educational, cultural, social and community services that will enhance the personal, professional, and social growth of women.


Business, Leadership, Service.

Ice Dawg Hockey

The Ice Dawgs are a competitive D3 hockey team playing independently throughout the Southeast.


Mississippi State, MSU, Mississippi State University, hockey, SEC hockey, SECHC, SEC hockey conference, bulldogs, ice dawgs, hailstate, hailskate.

Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education-Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance Minorit

The acronym IMAGE stands for INCREASING MINORITY ACCESS TO GRADUATE EDUCATION, and the IMAGE Program at Mississippi State university strives to prepare IMAGE students in science, engineering and mathematics (STEM) so that they will be able to successfully enter graduate school after their undergraduate studies. Everything we do is oriented toward striving for excellence, and students who accept the challenge to pursue excellence become IMAGE Scholars. Our goal is to help all IMAGE Scholars graduate with high grades and the ability to succeed in postgraduate studies – thus the name IMAGE, “Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education.” If you are looking for an undergraduate program in science, engineering, or mathematics, IMAGE has a place for you.


Undergraduate, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Mathematics, Graduate, School, Studies, Minority

Indian Student Association

Indian Student Association's principal motto is to spread awareness about Indian culture around campus and provide a platform for Indian students to come together, celebrate our culture, get involved with the locals and provide a voice for the students both old and new and ultimately assimilate ourselves well.


Academic, Business, Cultural, Indian, Diversity

Institute of Industrial Engineers

The Mississippi State chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. IIE is the global association of productivity and efficiency professionals specializing in industrial engineering, healthcare, ergonomics and other related professions. IIE is where these varied fields come together to advance the engineering profession through networking, training, and knowledge sharing.


academic, professional, institute, industrial engineer, iie, major, engineering, ergonomics, human factors, optimization, operations research, diversity, diverse, systems, industrial, engineer, community, study, speakers, industry, tours, manufacturing, project management

Interfaith Initiative at Mississippi State University

Interfaith Initiative is an organization focused on fostering a community geared towards learning, acceptance, and understanding. Through service, events, and fellowship, the Interfaith Initiative seeks to create an environment where people can discuss and practice their beliefs, be it of a faith or non-faith. We are an inclusive organization open to students, staff, faculty, and community members and of all varieties of beliefs.


Interfaith, faith, non-faith, religious, service, religion, beliefs, inclusiveness

International Student Advisory Board

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) within the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center is a group of students that hail from every corner of the world. ISAB has two main purposes. One is to assist international students in gaining a fulfilling student experience at Mississippi State University, as well as, connecting with the culture of the United States – which is just as unique and different as their own. The other purpose is to provide different departments and organizations at the university with valuable advice and knowledge of the needs, desires, and wants of international students. The goal is to bring the international student community together as a whole to promote an inclusive environment for not only international students but the entire Bulldog family.Please check out our social media at (Facebook) and @isab_msu (Instagram)


International, ISAB, Global, International Student, Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural

International Student Organization for Languages and Cultures

We are an organization that offers tutoring to individuals taking classes in foreign languages. We offer tutoring in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and the Classics. We hope to extend out outreach soon by joining international and language-specific groups for events.


Tutoring, French, Spanish, German, Classics, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Latin, Greek

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Mississippi State University

InterVarsity is a multi-ethnic christian organization that seeks to develop students in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Involvement Ambassadors

Involvement Ambassadors at Mississippi State University strive to assist students with locating the right club, organization, or program that will benefit their college experience as well as educate existing organizations on opportunities available through the Division of Student Affairs.


Involvement, Organizations, Find Your One

Iranian Student Association

Iranian Student Association (IRSA) at Mississippi State University is a cultural association with a mission to acquaint the MSU community with the rich culture and traditions of Iran. IRSA organizes a variety of celebrations and traditional events at MSU and participates actively to increase cultural awareness of student body of MSU. Iranian Student Association activities across all parts of campus will have the opportunity to be exposed to a very unique culture of Iran and Persia, and various international cultural and sports events at MSU and the city of Starkville.


International, Iran, Culture, MSU, Celebration, Tradition, Cultural, music, custume, performance, Iranian-American, Food.

Italian Studies and Culture Club

We are a group of Mississippi State Students who are interested in Italian studies, culture and other aspects that make up the language.


Academic, Italian, Language, Culture