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The P.A.W.S Program seeks to build relationships with students and contribute to their academic, personal, and social success through diverse programming and mentorship.


community service, community events, community enrichment, PAWS Program

Percussion Club at MSU

We are a club dedicated to the performance, study, and appreciation of music for percussion instruments.


Percussion, Music, Arts

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a campus ministry focused on discipleship. We have a 1 year discipleship program for students called Project 2:2 that consist of a weekly group dinner and Bible study, 1-on-1 meetings with a mentor each week, and several trips throughout the semester. For more information visit


Campus, Ministry, Faith, Thought, Think, Thinking, Open, Mind, Bible, Studies, Real, Relationships, FNT, Friday, Night, Thing

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideas. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.


Social Work, Academic

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at Mississippi State University (Mississippi Beta Chapter) has been in existence for 28 years now. From the beginning, the founding members of Mississippi Beta recognized the importance of friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude, the three cardinal principles of Phi Delta Theta. The chapter was built on these values, and the members will tell you, our continued commitment to these three principles is what makes fraternity life at Mississippi Beta an incredible experience. We see fraternity as more than just a word. It's a way of life. Phi Delta Theta is The Standard for Brotherhood at Mississippi State.

Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Gamma Delta is dedicated to developing men of character within the academic setting, with the aim that they will become fully contributing members of society.


Academic, Business, Intramural etc...

Phi Kappa Tau

Alpha Chi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, commonly known as Phi Tau, have been striving to build men of character since April 30, 1938.


Phi, Kappa, Tau, Greek

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the world's oldest and largest secret, national, fraternal society in music. Sinfonia was born on October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory in Boston, when a group of thirteen young men under the guidance of Ossian Everett Mills “to consider the social life of the young men students of that institution [and] to devise ways and means by which it might be improved.” For over a century, Sinfonians in nearly every field of study and professional endeavor have transformed music in America. Currently, there are over 250 active chapters, over 7,000 current collegiate members and over 110,000 alumni worldwide. The Object of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater.The opportunity of becoming a Sinfonian is offered to as many men as possible who, through a love for music, can assist in the fulfillment of the Fraternity’s Object and ideals either by adopting music as a profession, or by working to advance the cause of music in America. Sinfonia’s chief purpose is to develop Fraternity in music and highest standards in music. Sinfonia inspires musicians to be better men and is a movement for the betterment of mankind. Central to being a Sinfonian is the belief that the manly musician is one who loves music, not for the sake of music itself, but as a means to elevating others. With a charitable spirit and the power of music, we seek to bring Harmony to mankind.


Music, Brotherhood, Fraternity, Phi, Mu, Alpha, Sinfonia, Greek, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha, Mississippi State, Service

Phi Mu Sorority

Phi Mu was founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. It began as the Philomathean Society, a literary society, and is the second oldest secret society for women. The Philomathean Society became Phi Mu Fraternity in 1904. Because the word "sorority" was not commonly used when Phi Mu was chartered, its proper name is Phi Mu Fraternity even though it is a women's organization. Phi Mu has chapters across the United States and nearly 150,000 collegiate and alumnae members. The Fraternity is governed by a seven-member National Council that oversees teams of National and Area Officers, all of whom serve on a volunteer basis. In addition to 120 collegiate chapters, each based on a college or university campus, Phi Mu has 175 alumnae chapters in cities and towns across the nation. Membership in Phi Mu is for a lifetime, and the alumnae chapters provide networking, social and Sisterhood activities for members of all ages. Both Collegiate and Alumnae Chapters have officers who handle chapter business and serve as liaisons between their chapters, Area and National Officers, and the National Headquarters. The Phi Mu National Headquarters is in Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Phi Mu Fraternity and Phi Mu Foundation co-own the building and both staffs work there. Fraternity staff members provide support to Collegiate and Alumnae Chapters and to Area and National Officers. The Carnation Collection, a boutique with Phi Mu merchandise, also is housed at the Headquarters. Most staff members work in the Headquarters each day, but members of the traveling team, including Chapter Consultants (recent college graduates) spend most of their time traveling to collegiate chapters to provide them with education, tools for successful operation, and support. All Phi Mus have different college experiences, but we all share a Bond of Sisterhood. We all believe in the ideals of our Creed: Love, Honor, and Truth. Each Phi Mu who gives time as an active member, officer, or volunteer, contributes to the continued success of Phi Mu Fraternity.


Sorority, Phi, Mu, Phi Mu, Social, Fun, Community

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a professional fraternity that is open to undergraduate students, regardless of gender, attending four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States. Our purpose is to bring together some of the brightest and highly motivated students on campus and work together in a spirit of excellence to encourage scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Collectively, these three ideals are known as "The Tripod" of Phi Sigma Pi. Throughout the course of the semester members volunteer and receive community service hours by participating in various service projects.


Phi Sigma Pi, PSP, Honor, Service, Leadership, Fellowship, Professional, Scholarship

Physicians On The Rise

The primary mission of our organization would be to assist minority students, primarily, although not exclusively, with the comprehension of seemingly difficult math and science courses, with MCAT preparation, and with medical school interviewing skills, by providing them with resources they otherwise may not be able to access without this organization. Some of these resources include having physicians serve as mentors, MCAT preparatory materials, and a collaborative networking amongst qualified students who can serve as a ready source of tutors. We intend for our approach to be seamless and cost-effective. The specific purposes of this organization shall be the following: A. To provide a learning environment for study skills enhancement to students who have a burning passion to attend medical school, B. To help develop well-rounded pre-medical students in areas of community service, research experience, physician shadowing, and grade point average, C. To work collaboratively with the American Medical Student Association in order to increase the percentage of students from Mississippi State University that are accepted into medical school, D. To offer professional development opportunities to pre-medical students, E. To tutor and help pre-medical students who may struggle in prerequisite classes for medical school.


Physicians On the Rise, Service, POTR, MSU POTR, pre medicine, pre med, physicians, MCAT, Pre-Med, doctor, medical school

Physics Graduate Student Organization

The PGSA is a group for all graduate students in the Physics & Astronomy Department here at MSU, fostering interaction among the students for academic interests and beyond. It is a non-profit organization promoting and emphasizing an atmosphere for learning and working, with activities ranging from lectures by students and faculty members from here and abroad, skill workshops, and outreach into the local community. Apart from academics, the PGSA is also a social venue, with regular meetings, competitions, and games of skill and wit.


Academic, Social, lectures, skills, games, science, physics, graduate, student, journal club, journal

Pi Beta Phi

The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

Pi Kappa Alpha

Gamma Theta Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Chartered May, 1927.


Fraternity, Philanthropy, Community Service

Pinelake College Ministry

Pinelake College Ministry exists to develop Christ-followers who learn from Christ, live for Christ, and lead others to Christ. We want to meet you where you are on your journey with Christ and help you in this crucial time through: connecting you to a College Small Group, equipping you to reach your campus and having you join our mission teams.


Pinelake, College, Ministry, Church, Christian

Poetry Club at MSU

This club is meant to promote poetry as a beneficial, all-inclusive art form. We believe any person can enjoy and be impacted by poetry, whether written or spoken aloud. Most importantly, we want to provide students with a supportive community to aid in writing, sharing, and performing their own poetry.


poetry, spoken word, art, slam poetry, language, culture, open mic, performance, expression

Powerlifting Club at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University's official collegiate powerlifting team that competes in the USA Powerlifting.


MSUPL, Powerlifting, weightlifting, lift, sanderson center, powerlifting club, fitness, bodybuilding, fit, USAPL, strong, strength, workout

Pre Law Society

The Pre Law Society seeks to impart knowledge to MSU students interested in law school. We do LSAT prep, trips to area law schools, and sessions that cover legal jobs, law school applications, and more.


law, pre law, pre-law, legal, law school, LSAT

Pre-Dental Society

Pre-Dental Society is an organization that is optimized to help pre-dental students in any way we can on their journey to dental school. In our meetings, we cover subjects such as the DAT, personal statement tips, interviewing tips, and general knowledge that is helpful to anyone looking to go to dental school. Deans of Admissions from various dental schools visit us and we make group trips to dental schools to help materialize the aspirations of future dentists.


Professional, pre-professional, dental, pre-dental, health, pre-health

Pre-Nursing Club


Nursing, Pre Nursing, Club

Pre-Optometry Club

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to help students in their pursuit of a career in Optometry; providing opportunities to learn about the profession and assisting in their preparation for Optometry school, along with opportunities for community service events.


Academic, optometry, club, organization

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy club provides students interested in Pharmacy an opportunity to get involved and learn more about the profession and potential schools. We work in conjunction with the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy to provide students with information on Pharmacy school and the different fields available to them within the Pharmacy Profession. Our active members have the opportunity to receive and admissions bonus to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi, giving them a unique advantage over other students. We welcome students of all majors who are interested in Pharmacy.


Pharmacy, Pre-Professional, Professional, Pre-Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Science

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The Pre-Physician Assistant Club was created because there was a need for aspiring Physician Assistants to have an organization specifically designed for them for networking possibilities and to inform interested members about the profession. Because there are many Pre-PA students on Mississippi State University's campus, it became necessary to have an organization in order to stay well informed about all thing Physician Assistant. If any of the above-mentioned things interest you, please join us!


PA, Pre-Health, Pre-PA

Pre-Veterinary Club at Mississippi State University

The MSU Pre-Veterinary Club is an organization committed to presenting pre-veterinary students the opportunity to learn more about the diverse field of veterinary medicine. The MSU Pre-Vet Club allows the members to interact with professors, veterinary medical professionals, veterinary students, and meet other pre-veterinary students. This club also keeps students informed of curriculum changes, promoting development of high ideals and professionalism among pre-vet students, and to promote fellowship among pre-vet students and faculty.



Pro Life at MSU

Equipping, Educating, & informing our campus on the truth of Abortion. Abolishing Abortion in Our Lifetime. We are the Pro-Life Generation! Twitter: @MSU_SFL Facebook:


MSU SFL, Students For Life, Pro Life, abortion, Pregnancy, baby, children, adoption, pro choice, women, woman, babies, civil rights, human rights

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the national honor society in psychology. Admission to Psi Chi is based on high academic achievement, and you will be invited to join if you're qualified.The purpose of Psi Chi is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members, and to advance the field of psychology.


Academic, Psi, Chi, Honor Society

Psychology Club

We are an all-inclusive club for anyone interested in psychology, creating a psychology-oriented community to provide members with learning and leadership opportunities and connections to MSU's Psychology Department.


Psychology, psych, club

Public Relations Student Society of America

The Public Relations Student Society of America is the student group associated with the Public Relations Society of America for professionals in the communication field. The organization hopes to spark interest in the public relations field and encourage students to become involved and allow networking opportunities.


public relations, pr, communication, prssa, public relations student society of america, public relations society