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ORED Domestic and International Faculty Travel Program

The ORED Domestic and International Faculty Travel Program (also known as ACADEX for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences) provides small grants for tenured/tenure track faculty for travel to catalyze innovative research, creative and scholarly activities. Funding is available to support all fields and is expected to leverage external resources or collaborations resulting in impactful research and creative activities with the potential to elevate the ranking, reputation and research productivity of Mississippi State University.

Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Faculty Travel Program applicants must be tenured or tenure-track faculty.
  2. Faculty Travel program funds must support travel resulting in scholarly activity (e.g., meeting with a program officer, research initiation travel, conference, etc.). Faculty may apply before a conference proposal is accepted, however, faculty must deliver a presentation if receiving Faculty Travel funds to support travel to a professional meeting.
  3. Faculty may only receive Faculty Travel support once per fiscal year. Faculty are not eligible for both Travel Grant and Quick Grant funding in the same fiscal year.
  4. The maximum ORED Faculty Travel request is $500 for domestic travel and $750 for international travel. A match from the department and college is expected.
  5. Faculty are required to submit a post-trip Travel Report to receive funding. Failure to submit the required post-trip Travel Report within 30 days of the last date of travel will result in forfeiture of ORED Faculty Travel Support funding.
  6. Applications must be submitted using the Faculty Travel Support request form by clicking the Faculty Login button above and signing in with netID and password.
  7. Two Faculty Travel award periods have been established.

    Travel Dates Application Deadline
    July 1 to December 31 May 20
    January 1 to June 30 November 15
  8. Funding requests will be reviewed by a board of senior ORED staff and decisions will be made based on funding commitments by the department and college, accuracy of cost estimate, cost effectiveness, availability of funds, likely return on investment, indication of a clear need for travel and the anticipated results from the travel.
  9. Direct requests for funding to ORED that have not been routed through both the Department Head and Associate Dean for Research will not be supported.
  10. For international travel: International Authorization paperwork must be approved at least three months in advance of the departure travel date. If not, a written justification as to why the international authorization form is late must accompany the paperwork.

Application Details

  1. Click the Faculty Login button above and proceed to enter the faculty Net ID and password.
  2. Next, click NEW REQUEST tab located in the black bar under the ORED logo.
  3. Fill in the required fields as marked with an asterisk (*) including details about the purpose, location, dates, and estimated budget for travel.
  4. If funding is being requested to attend a professional meeting indicate whether your paper has been accepted or not. You may submit a request even if your paper has not been accepted yet, but funds will not be reimbursed unless the presentation/paper is both accepted and presented.
  5. You may enter the individual’s Net ID and click autofill for the department head, business manager and associate dean for research.
  6. You can save the form and come back to it at any time.
  7. Once the form is complete, click submit to initiate the review and approval process. Once you click the submit button, you will get an email stating that the form is being routed to your department head. The department head will also receive an email stating that a request form is awaiting his/her review.
  8. As each appropriate level reviews the funding request, you will receive notification about the funding decision.
  9. You may access the funding portal to check on the status of your application at any time.


  1. All travel that is to be reimbursed with any university funds must be approved in advance (i.e. a Concur travel form must be completed).
  2. After travel is completed, faculty have 30 days after the last date of travel to log into the ORED Travel Program portal and fill out the Post-Trip report portion of the travel funding request form. Failure to submit the post-trip travel report will result in forfeiture of College and ORED funds.
  3. You will be asked to attach a PDF of your Concur travel form with the Post-Trip report. In addition, a 25 account number for reimbursement must be included on Post-Trip report. Please work with your department to determine which 25 account number is appropriate.

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