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Accounting & Finance Student Society

Enable students in all accounting and related fields to achieve their full personal, professional and economic potential and to develop their professional future.


business, accounting, finance, professional, work experience, no GPA requirement, volunteer, job, accountants, professionals, community, service, account

Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club

To provide information regarding agricultural and environmental aspects of industry and provide community service


Academic, Agriculture, Economics, Club, Department, College of Agriculture and Life Science

Agronomy Club at Mississippi State

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to further the increase and dissemination of agronomic knowledge and to promote closer acquaintance among agronomists and students within the southern U.S. and a greater knowledge and consideration of their work.


Agronomy, Science, Agriculture, Farming

Air and Waste Management Association

The objective of this chapter, as per the National Air and Waste Management Association, shall be to assist in professional development and critical environmental decision making of our members to benefit our society (to improve environmental knowledge and decisions by providing a neutral forum for exchanging information).


Environment, Environmental, Air, Remediation, Waste, Pollution, Clean, Green, Eco-friendly, All-inclusive, Professional, Development, Atmosphere, All Majors, Trash, AWMA, Industry, Industrial, Engineering, Chemical, Mechanical, Business, Forestry,AiCHE, OXE

Alpha Psi Fraternity

The purpose of this organization is to promote better intra-class relations, extra- veterinary school activities and bringing notoriety to the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. This organization provides a social outlet for the development of the veterinary student exceeding what the class can offer. The Rho Chapter of Alpha Psi also can provide opportunities for leadership, build faculty relations and an avenue for interaction between established veterinarians in Mississippi, nationally and the students of the veterinary school.


Alpha, Psi, Fraternity, A, Y, College, Veterinary, Medicine, MSU

Alpha Rho Chi - Hippodamus Chapter

Alpha Rho Chi (APX) is the national fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Our brotherhood unites men and women for the purpose of fellowship and lifelong friendships and our mutual interest in professional development. This is exemplified by the fraternity’s motto: Fidelitas, Amor et Artes or “Fidelity and Love of the Arts.”


Architecture, Professional, Fraternity

American Association of Drilling Engineers, Mississippi State University Student Section

The American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) is a non-profit (IRS 501-6C), volunteer organization founded in New Orleans in 1978 and is made up of an affiliation of independent chapters licensed and governed by a National Board. Formation of the AADE was based on the fact that no existing drilling industry organization was consistently providing technical exchange specifically for Drilling Engineers. The early success and acceptance of this effort led to the expansion of AADE. Eleven chapters are now active in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland (Permian Basin), Oklahoma City-Tulsa (Mid-continent), Denver, Bakersfield (West Coast), Anchorage, Coraopolis, PA (Appalachian Basin) and Central Texas (San Antonio). National membership is nearing 6,000 active members, and has remained steady despite the fluctuations experienced by the industry. The AADE has experienced continued growth in membership and reputation by focusing on its mission, vision and value statement. AADE offers a forum for the exchange of information, among its members and guests, specifically on drilling related topics. AADE chapters generally meet once a month where programs are presented by knowledgeable industry leaders in an informal luncheon or dinner environment. AADE chapters also offer all-day forums as well as annual multi day technical conferences to provide the opportunity for industry experts to present in depth coverage on current topics and latest technology. AADE chapters publish a newsletter and/or maintain a web page ( to keep members informed on activities and local drilling industry information.


Petroleum, Oil Drilling, Oil and Gas, Professional, Engineering, Oil Industry

American Fisheries Society Mississippi State Sub-unit

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) is the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to strengthening the fisheries profession, advancing fisheries science, and conserving fisheries resources. As a student sub-unit we work with university faculty and fishery professionals to better our aquatic ecosystems and raise awareness in our community.


professional, fisheries, fish, aquaculture, management, natural resources

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) August Raspet Student Chapter is a professional student organization focused on networking with professionals in the Aerospace Engineering field and educating students.


Aerospace, Aeronautics, Engineering

American Institute of Architecture Students

This organization operates as a pre-professional segment of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). AIAS will help prepare students for professional involvement in the AIA and serves as a segue into the next phase of involvement in the architecture community.



American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AIChE is the professional student chapter for promoting chemical engineering at Mississippi State University. Through the generous support of the Hunter Henry family and alumni, the MSU AIChE student chapter carries forward a long-standing legacy of scholarship, leadership and service. Through a number of K-12 and Service-learning outreach activities each year, AIChE members strive to serve our community both on and off campus.


Chemical Engineering, Service-learning, Community Service

American Marketing Association

Helping future business students get the skills and connections in the business world.


Academic, business, marketing, professional, jobs, connections, social, membership, involved

American Medical Student Association

AMSA is a pre-med organization whose mission is to provide students with the information and tools to prepare for medical school and develop into outstanding physicians


doctor, pre-med, medicine, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physician, physicians, medical, health

American Medical Women's Association

The American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.


Physicians, Medicine, Medical, Shadowing, Volunteer, Service, Community Service, Women, Health, Pre-Med, Pre-Nursing

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

We are the Mississippi State student chapter of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). Our purpose is to educate individuals in the science of photogrammetry, remote sensing and related geospatial technologies and provide the means for the exchange of ideas among Mississippi State students/faculty/staff interested. ASPRS is a scientific association that promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors, the disciplines of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and other supporting geospatial technologies; to advance the understanding of the government, academia, and private enterprise. This organization is open to any current Mississippi State student/faculty/staff interested in photogrammetry, remote sensing and related geospatial technologies


ASPRS, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, photogrammetry, geospatial, remote sensing, GIS, geographic information systems, Academic, Journal, technology, Satellite, imagery.

American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers

ASABE is a professional society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers that provides a setting where students seeking their Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, or PhD's can interact with MSU Faculty and each other to further their careers. We provide social events for students and faculty to get to know each other in the department, and we plan events that help to promote education and research relevant to this department.


ASABE, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Departmental, Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Agricultural, Biological, Biomedical, Biology

American Society of Civil Engineers

To Provide essential value to our members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good. The Mississippi State University Student Chapter of ASCE works to provide our members with up to date information in the field of Civil Engineering. By hosting bi-weekly meetings with presentations from various private, public and government sector representatives, we provide a forum for open discussion on current events and how they pertain the futures of the students. In addition to these meetings, we participate in community service in and around the Starkville community. Whenever possible, we assist in engineering related events (Habitat for Humanity, environmental clean ups, etc.). These projects give us a chance to give back to the community around us. A large portion of our year is spent preparing for and attending the ASCE Deep South Regional Conference. Each year, we visit another school in our region and participate in engineering related competitions. Concrete canoe, steel bridge, surveying, technical paper, and mystery competitions are the most common events. These conferences also give us an opportunity to socialize and interact with other chapters in the region. Often times, professional engineers attend these conferences, providing valuable networking prospects.


asce, ASCE, engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, surveying, concrete canoe, steel bridge, timber bridge

American Society of Interior Designers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Student Chapter is an extension of the national professional organization of ASID. "Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, we strive to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives. ASID inspires and enriches our members by promoting the value of interior design, while providing indispensable knowledge and experiences that build relationships. " -ASID NATIONAL WEBSITE


ASID, Interior Design, American Society of Interior Designers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

We are an organization dedicated to helping mechanical engineering students get connected. We help students get connected to faculty and other students through various recreational activities, site tours and fundraisers. We also help students get connected to potential employers by holding lectures by representatives from different companies.


Academic, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Professional, Professional Society, Projects

Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures Graduate Student Association

The graduate students of the Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


Anthropology, Archaeology, AMEC, Cultural Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Forensics, Middle Eastern Cultures, Linguistics

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club at Mississippi State University is a close-knit group of AMEC students who participate in various activities on and off campus. They also host events to welcome transfer students and freshmen to the department, such as cookouts on the front lawn of the Cobb Institute of Archaeology. Members help with Mississippi Archaeology month activities, and host community events involving the Cobb museum and mock excavation activities for children. Being a member of the club gives students plenty of opportunities to be involved in the field of study they have chosen, aided and encouraged by a wonderfully supportive faculty.


anthropology, culture, department, amec, middle, eastern, cultures, excavation, archaeology

Arnold Air Society

The Arnold Air Society is a professional,honorary service organization advocating the support of aerospace power. The “service”aspect is perhaps the foremost in the mind of many members,because of the society’s continuing contributions to our campuses,our communities,and our corps–but it should always be remembered that our primary mission is to improve ourselves as future Air Force officers.


Arnold, Air, Society, Force, Officer

Aspiring Minorities in Health Professions

The goal of Aspiring Minorities in Health Professions is to empower minority students interested in pursuing a career in any health-related profession by providing information, resources, guidance, and support that will help members be successful during their time at Mississippi State University and, eventually, in their chosen health-related career.


Minority, Health, Professional, Professions, Career, Guidance, Support, Resources

Associated Builders and Contractors Student Chapter

The Associated Builders and Contractors Student Chapter at Mississippi State University educates members on the purpose of ABC in the professional world. It also provides networking opportunities for members and students in the Building Construction Science Program. The chapter helps promote the Building Construction Science program, and by association the College of Architecture, Art, & Design in the community of Starkville, and nationwide.


Building, Construction, Architecture, Service

Association for Computing Machinery - Women in Computing

ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.


Computing, Women, Technical, Engineering, Programming, Computer, Science, Software, Service, Outreach, K-12, Senior

Association of Educators at Mississippi State

Association of Educators at Mississippi State (AEMS) is an organization open to all teacher education students in elementary, secondary, music, special education, and physical education. We promote professional excellence among aspiring educators and participate in service projects that promote student excellence in public schools.


Academic, Teaching, Education, Elementary, Secondary, Special, Physical, music, educators, school, AMES

Association of Student Social Workers


Association, Student, Social Work, Social, Work, ASSW, Association of Student Social Workers

Bagley College of Engineering Recruitment Leaders

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to serve as undergraduate recruiters for the Bagley College of Engineering to prospective students by educating potential students and families about the Bagley College of Engineering through presentations and department building tours. Engineering Recruitment Leaders provide a liaison for potential students to the Bagley College of Engineering and prepare them for their first year of college


Recruitment, service, leadership

Biochemistry Club

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Club of Mississippi State University aims to provide opportunities for all students (majors and non-majors) interested in biochemistry and molecular biology to interact with faculty and other experts on both a social and professional basis. Regular meetings are held every two weeks with an informal program consisting of presentations and discussions in research, pre-professional and business topics. Field trips to institutions focusing on frontiers in development and applications of biochemistry and molecular biology, and assisting the BCH department in recruiting events and social outings are just some of the BCH club’s activities.


biochemistry and molecular biology, pre-vet, pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-dental, premed, predent, prevet, prepharm, medical, med, vet, pharmacy, pre-optometry, forensics, bioinformatics, biological science, chemistry, pre-professional, research

Biomedical Engineering Association of Mississippi State University

BEAM is designed to help students engage with national organizations associated with their major (biological/biomedical engineering), and to develop professionalism within their field.


Biomedical, Biological, Engineering, Association, BMES, Biomaterials, research, biology, engineers

Bulldog Toastmasters

This organization is created for students seeking to improve their professional communication and public speaking skills


Professional, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership

Chemistry Graduate Student Association

CGSA facilitates the academic and professional development of chemistry graduate students and promotes peer to peer interaction among graduate students and professors in the Department of Chemistry at MSU. CGSA strives to support graduate students who attend professional speaking and presentation engagements or technical and research-related seminars via financial support. We also promote graduate student involvement in academic and social events within the Department, organize fundraisers, organize the annual Lester Andrews Symposium, and address graduate student concerns.


Chemistry, CGSA, graduate

College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors

The Dean's Student Advisory Council is the student-run advisory board for the College of Arts and Sciences. We aim to help promote the College of Arts and Sciences in all its endeavors while also acting as liaisons between members' home department and College leadership.


College of Arts and Sciences, DSAC

College of Business Ambassadors

The purpose of our student ambassador program is to promote the College of Business through several different avenues such as recruiting, events, and networking with alumni. The organization also serves to be the voice of the College of Business student body. As representatives of the college, our ambassadors demonstrate a thorough knowledge of our business majors, faculty, and university traditions.


business, ambassadors, college of business, professional, students, tours

College of Veterinary Medicine Student Chapter of the American Association of Feline Pract

AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) is a club that is all about our feline friends! AAFP serves to provide opportunities to learn more about the feline patient. We aim to cover a broad scope of topics, including some specific feline diseases, feline radiology, addressing common behavior issues, owning a feline-only practice, managing feral cats, and proper restraining techniques.


Feline, Felines, Cat, Cats, AAFP, Veterinary Medicine, Vet School, CVM


DevNet connects students across disciplines to foster learning, encourage development, and cultivate entrepreneurship and innovation.


Software, Engineering, Computer, Science, Web, Development, App, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Coding, Programming

East Mississippi Chapter of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological S

The stated goal of our organization is to “bring all those in Eastern Mississippi interested in weather together as a group”.The chapter is involved with school weather awareness and partnering with MyWarn to help get the word out when severe weather is imminent. The chapter members have also been proud planners of the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium, held at Mississippi State University for the past twelve years. Education is also a high priority for the chapter. Chapter members have attended talks presented by employees of the National Weather Service in Jackson and Memphis. In addition, the chapter travels to NWA and AMS conferences yearly to both present and listen to presentations. We hold Bi-Weekly meeting throughout the semester on Tuesdays at 5:15 PM in Hilbun 216


Meteorology, Weather, Severe, Storms

Educational Psychology Student Organization

EPSO stands to serve students within Educational Psychology by providing information on career paths, internships and research opportunities, and community service events related to the major through monthly meetings.


Educational Psychology, Counseling, EPSO

Empowering Minorities in Accounting Association

To help expand awareness in the accountancy and business fields for minorities.


Accounting, Finance, Minorities, Business, Awareness

Engineering Student Council

ESC serves as the governing body for the college of engineering and acts as the liaison between the student body and faculty. We host college-wide events throughout the year.



Food Science Club

The Food Science Club (FSC) is housed in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion and aims to promote Food Science as a career and provide students with interest in all things food a creative and educational outlet to learn and experience all food science has to offer. The club organizes large scale commercial production of various food products, invites industry professionals to speak at meetings, hosts educational workshops centered around food and food production/safety and plans social events to promote comaradery within the department and those with similar interests.


Food Science, Jelly, Meat, Cheese, Food, Eat, Cook, Career

Forest Products Society Student Chapter of Mississippi State University

We are the Student Chapter of the Forest Products Society, the next generation of the world’s largest network of forest products professionals. We hold monthly meetings where industrial speakers or visiting scientists are invited for seminars and career promotion. Fundraising and donation activities are also arranged to sponsor social events. We would like to invite all the SBD students interested in our meetings, activities, and membership benefits (including access to Forest Products Journal) to join us.


sustainable bioproducts, forest products, wood science, international, national, forestry, environment, networking, science, forests

Institute of Industrial Engineers

The Mississippi State chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. IIE is the global association of productivity and efficiency professionals specializing in industrial engineering, healthcare, ergonomics and other related professions. IIE is where these varied fields come together to advance the engineering profession through networking, training, and knowledge sharing.


academic, professional, institute, industrial engineer, iie, major, engineering, ergonomics, human factors, optimization, operations research, diversity, diverse, systems, industrial, engineer, community, study, speakers, industry, tours, manufacturing, project management

Kinesiology Student Ambassador

The Kinesiology Student Ambassadors are the face and representation of the Department of Kinesiology. They help promote and are involved in departmental recruiting events. They also serve as a liaison between the department and our Kinesiology majors.


Kinesiology, Ambassador, KSA

Mechanical Engineering Ladies Organization

The Mechanical Engineering Ladies Organization (MELO) is dedicated to the mentorship and development of current and future MSU Mechanical Engineering female students.


Mechanical Engineering, ME, STEM

Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) is a national, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Founded at Michigan State University in 1986 and registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Michigan in 1989, MANRRS now boasts well over 400 members made up from both students in universities as well as professionals in academia, business, and government. There are unlimited opportunities offered for organization members, including: -Internships & cooperative Training -Professional and scholarly development -Inclusion in national student register and professional register -Annual meeting conference and career fair -Regional Meetings Membership in MANRRS is not only for those majoring agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. The Mississippi State University Student Chapter of MANRRS welcomes students from all departments and is open to all majors.


Minorities, Agriculture, Science, Natural Resources, Wildlife

Mississippi State University Geotechnical Student Organization

Active members of this Chapter shall be undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the university who are interested in geotechnical engineering and who are in good standing as evidenced by the payment of Chapter dues and approval of the Chapter Advisor. All members of the Chapter must subscribe to the Constitution of the Organization.


Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering

Mississippi State University SAE

Formula SAE (FSAE) is an international student design competition annually hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Each university team is tasked with designing an efficient, high-performance autocross racecar that is affordable to an average amateur competitor. Its purpose, to enhance the student’s education, is accomplished by challenging students to undertake a full systems engineering approach to design, with consideration of dynamic performance, manufacturability, serviceability, and marketability, while constrained by a one year design and production cycle. Each competition consists of static events in design, marketing, and cost, along with dynamic events in acceleration, skidpad, autocross time trials, and endurance. In summary, the Formula SAE program is a fun, interesting design competition that develops practical engineering design, manufacturing, and maintenance skills among students. FSAE alumni are prepared to enter the workforce, having gained an appreciation for the fundamentals of systems integration and lean manufacturing among team projects, and experience in design and validation of concepts, while also having established many professional connections among other teams, competition officials, and industry representatives.


Formula SAE, FSAE, racecar, engineering, SAE, design, business, marketing, welding, mill, CNC, lathe, build, race, Michigan, car, competition, team, fabrication, art, web, computer, BAJA

Mississippi State University Student Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology

We are an organization through the American Society for Microbiology. We are open to any and all members... you do not have to be a science major to join! Memberships are $25 a year. We have meetings once a month not always on campus.


Microbiology, Science, Biological Sciences, Society, Nursing, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology

MSU Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management

The MSU chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is committed to helping MSU students interested in the field of Human Resources (HR) explore different aspects of the field and meet current HR professionals. MSU-SHRM partners with a local professional SHRM chapter, Golden Triangle Human Resource Association (GTHRA) to provide students with early networking opportunities. Learn more at your first meeting!


HR, Human Resources, Management, SHRM, MSU-SHRM

National Agri-Marketing Association - MSU Chapter

This class teaches the principles of agri-marketing to prepare students for the National Agri-marketing Association (NAMA) competition each Spring. In this class, we select a product, develop a marketing plan for it, and then present our plan at competition. We also have guest speakers. These speakers are typically professionals in some agricultural business and give insight into their careers. The Mississippi State NAMA student chapter meets every Tuesday in Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Room 14.


NAMA, Agri-Marketing, Career Development

National Retail Federation - Student Association

The National Retail Federation Student Association is a professional organization for students wanting to pursue a career in the retail industry.


Retail, Fashion, Big Show, NRF, NRFSA

National Society of Black Engineers

Mission Statement: To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit association that is owned and managed by its members. The organization is dedicated to the academic and professional success of African-American engineering students and professionals. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more. NSBE is comprised of 242 collegiate, 70 professional and 82 pre-college active chapters nationwide and overseas. These chapters are geographically divided into six regions. NSBE is governed by an executive board of college students and engineering professionals and is operated by a professional staff in our World Headquarters located in Alexandria, VA. NSBE has accomplished more for Black engineering students than any other organization in the world. The same light that flows from the NSBE torch to students and professionals in the United States is also relevant for NSBE students in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean. It is the goal of the Society to replicate its mission and vision in countries around the world, creating a global network of Black engineers, scientists and technologists.


Academic Cultural Community Minority Diversity Engineering

National Society of Professional Engineers

The NSPE is an organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of the title "Engineer" and provides Professional Engineer(PE) licensing.


Professional Engineers, License, Engineering, Engineers, Student, Ethics

Physicians On The Rise

The primary mission of our organization would be to assist minority students, primarily, although not exclusively, with the comprehension of seemingly difficult math and science courses, with MCAT preparation, and with medical school interviewing skills, by providing them with resources they otherwise may not be able to access without this organization. Some of these resources include having physicians serve as mentors, MCAT preparatory materials, and a collaborative networking amongst qualified students who can serve as a ready source of tutors. We intend for our approach to be seamless and cost-effective. The specific purposes of this organization shall be the following: A. To provide a learning environment for study skills enhancement to students who have a burning passion to attend medical school, B. To help develop well-rounded pre-medical students in areas of community service, research experience, physician shadowing, and grade point average, C. To work collaboratively with the American Medical Student Association in order to increase the percentage of students from Mississippi State University that are accepted into medical school, D. To offer professional development opportunities to pre-medical students, E. To tutor and help pre-medical students who may struggle in prerequisite classes for medical school.


Physicians On the Rise, Service, POTR, MSU POTR, pre medicine, pre med, physicians, MCAT, Pre-Med, doctor, medical school

Physics Graduate Student Organization

The PGSA is a group for all graduate students in the Physics & Astronomy Department here at MSU, fostering interaction among the students for academic interests and beyond. It is a non-profit organization promoting and emphasizing an atmosphere for learning and working, with activities ranging from lectures by students and faculty members from here and abroad, skill workshops, and outreach into the local community. Apart from academics, the PGSA is also a social venue, with regular meetings, competitions, and games of skill and wit.


Academic, Social, lectures, skills, games, science, physics, graduate, student, journal club, journal

Pre Law Society

The Pre Law Society seeks to impart knowledge to MSU students interested in law school. We do LSAT prep, trips to area law schools, and sessions that cover legal jobs, law school applications, and more.


law, pre law, pre-law, legal, law school, LSAT

Pre-Dental Society

Pre-Dental Society is an organization that is optimized to help pre-dental students in any way we can on their journey to dental school. In our meetings, we cover subjects such as the DAT, personal statement tips, interviewing tips, and general knowledge that is helpful to anyone looking to go to dental school. Deans of Admissions from various dental schools visit us and we make group trips to dental schools to help materialize the aspirations of future dentists.


Professional, pre-professional, dental, pre-dental, health, pre-health

Pre-Nursing Club


Nursing, Pre Nursing, Club

Pre-Optometry Club

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to help students in their pursuit of a career in Optometry; providing opportunities to learn about the profession and assisting in their preparation for Optometry school, along with opportunities for community service events.


Academic, optometry, club, organization

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy club provides students interested in Pharmacy an opportunity to get involved and learn more about the profession and potential schools. We work in conjunction with the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy to provide students with information on Pharmacy school and the different fields available to them within the Pharmacy Profession. Our active members have the opportunity to receive and admissions bonus to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi, giving them a unique advantage over other students. We welcome students of all majors who are interested in Pharmacy.


Pharmacy, Pre-Professional, Professional, Pre-Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Science

Pre-Veterinary Club at Mississippi State University

The MSU Pre-Veterinary Club is an organization committed to presenting pre-veterinary students the opportunity to learn more about the diverse field of veterinary medicine. The MSU Pre-Vet Club allows the members to interact with professors, veterinary medical professionals, veterinary students, and meet other pre-veterinary students. This club also keeps students informed of curriculum changes, promoting development of high ideals and professionalism among pre-vet students, and to promote fellowship among pre-vet students and faculty.



Psychology Club

We are an all-inclusive club for anyone interested in psychology, creating a psychology-oriented community to provide members with learning and leadership opportunities and connections to MSU's Psychology Department.


Psychology, psych, club

Public Relations Student Society of America

The Public Relations Student Society of America is the student group associated with the Public Relations Society of America for professionals in the communication field. The organization hopes to spark interest in the public relations field and encourage students to become involved and allow networking opportunities.


public relations, pr, communication, prssa, public relations student society of america, public relations society

Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority

The objective of the soriority is to promote its members in all facets of agriculture and to strengthen the bonds of friendship among them. It is the purpose of the members to strive for achievement in scholarship, leadership and service, and to further the development of excellence in women pursuing careers in agriculture.


Agriculture, Sorority, Professional, Sisterhood, Greek Life, Service, Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The purpose of the MSU SHPE student chapter is to encourage the Hispanic engineering community to initiate, develop and enhance the skills needed to further ensure the positions of Hispanics in technical degrees as well as the support to promote themselves. • Increase the number of Hispanic engineering students at Mississippi State University. • Promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers/students in their academics and in the networking of future employment opportunities. • Promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers and scientists in employment and education. • Develop and participate in programs with industry and the university, which benefit students seeking technical degrees. • Provide a forum or the exchange of information pertinent for Hispanic engineering/science students enrolled in Mississippi State University. • Provide information to Hispanic engineers/students of scholarships available from the National Society.


engineers,mathematicians ,scientists, Hispanics,SHPE

Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students is a part of Mississippi State University's Physics and Astronomy Department and a daughter organization of the American Institute of Physics; our region is known as Zone 10 of the general society. The goal of the SPS is to associate undergraduate students and graduate students from all areas of physics and astronomy. Our local chapter is based out of the Rundel Reading Room, the physics undergraduates' study room.


physics, engineering, math, mathematics, astronomy, astrophysics

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders. SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career for women through an exciting array of training and development programs, networking opportunities, scholarships, and outreach and advocacy activities.


Academic, Engineering, Engineers, Female, Women, Service, Society, STEM

Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners is an international association of veterinarians serving society as leaders in cattle health, welfare, and productivity. The student chapter of American Association of Bovine Practioners serves as a liason with the national chapter allowing opportunities for networking, educational opportunities, and scholarship.


Bovine, AABP, Cattle, Veterinary Medicine

Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners

The MSU-CVM SCAAEP is a student-lead professional development club focused on enhancing our members’ knowledge about equids and equine veterinary medicine. We seek to provide opportunities in the equine industry, connect members with scholarships and internships through our national organization, and facilitate member growth through wet labs, guest speakers, and workshops.


veterinary, medicine, equine

Student Chapter of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists

Parasites can be found in nearly all areas of veterinary medicine. Though many are small in size, their impact on our patients is quite large! So, we have a club dedicated to learning more about these fascinating creatures. The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists (AAVP) was founded in 1956 and is a scientific and educational organization. Members of AAVP are interested in parasites of companion, food-producing, domesticated animals, and wildlife; some of which are transmissible to humans. We study these parasites to ultimately find new or better ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, or reduce infections in animals and in humans. Members can expect interesting research and case presentations, and activities such as parasite recovery labs, diagnostic labs, and collaborations with other CVM clubs. If the creepy crawlies on your furry friends interest you, or if you want to stay well-informed on the subject of parasitology, join AAVP!

Student Council on Family Relations at Mississippi State University

The primary purpose of the SCFR @ MSU is to provide students with an opportunity to serve children and families within the community; network with their peers; and to provide students with professional development opportunities and mentorship related to working with children and families.


human development and family studies, human development and family science

Student Dietetic Association

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is an organization for students studying nutrition. Membership is offered to undergraduate and graduate students. Goal: ~To promote healthy lifestyles at MSU and the surrounding community through involvement in key areas as identified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. ~To encourage professional development among members. ~To promote and encourage membership among all nutrition students.


SDA, nutrition, food, eat right, Student Dietetic Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Student Members of The American Chemical Society at Mississippi State University

To provide a forum for exchange of ideas among students in the chemical sciences, to allows local students in the chemical sciences to have a voice in the national community of chemists, to encourage and assist students in considering careers in the chemical sciences or related fields, to provide opportunities for students to network with other student chemists, faculty, and professionals, to increase the knowledge among students about opportunities in the chemical sciences, to encourage students to attend research conferences and participate in undergraduate research.


Chemistry, ACS, SAACS, SMACS

Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

Mississippi State University chapter of VECCS.


Veterinary, veterinary medicine, veterinary emergency

Surgery Club

Surgery Club allows veterinary students at Mississippi State University CVM to gain hands-on experience, learn about new surgical techniques, and stay up to date on surgical skills.


Surgery, veterinary medicine

The Wildlife Society Student Chapter at Mississippi State University

The Wildlife Society is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization comprised of professionals serving the resource management fields, especially wildlife management and natural resource conservation. Founded in 1937 and based in Bethesda, Maryland, The Wildlife Society has nearly 9,600 members from 60 countries. Principal objectives of The Wildlife Society are to: -develop and promote responsible stewardship of the environment in general and wildlife specifically; -take an active role in preventing, minimizing or mitigating human-induced environmental degradation; -increase public awareness and appreciation of wildlife values; -maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all activities; The Wildlife Society's members are individuals dedicated to advance these objectives. They accept the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing wildlife as an integral part of the human environment. In addition to the national organization, chapters exist at the regional, state and local levels. The Mississippi State University Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society was founded in 1971.


Wildlife, Nature, Service, Professional Development

Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity

We are a professional engineering fraternity that is co-ed. Our goals are to develop members professionally as well as foster brotherhood between members.


academic, professional, intramural, fraternity, Theta Tau, engineering, co-ed

Undergraduate Women in Business at MSU

Mississippi State's Undergraduate Women in Business is an organization that consists of young women within the MSU College of Business that are willing and driven to take the necessary steps to ensure that each individual has the knowledge and confidence to take on the competitive workforce within Corporate America.


Business, Women Empowerment, Professional, Academics, Leadership

Wildlife, Exotic, Zoo, Avian, and Aquatic Medicine

WEZAAM is a club dedicated to educating our members more about working with wildlife, exotic animals, zoo animals, avian, and aquatics within the veterinary profession. We have various speakers from within the college and outside of it to educate us about various diseases, handling of animals, and more.


Veterinary Medicine, Exotics, Zoo, Wildlife, Avian, Aquatic

Women In Cyber Security

Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) is the premier organization with national reach dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring.


Academic, Cyber Security