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UKirk at Mississippi State

UKirk, which stands for University Church, comes from the old Scottish word 'Kirk' which means church and 'U' for University. UKirk student faith community made by Presbyterians but not solely for Presbyterians.


God, Jesus, Faith, College ministry, ministry, Christ

Undergraduate Women in Business at MSU

Mississippi State's Undergraduate Women in Business is an organization that consists of young women within the MSU College of Business that are willing and driven to take the necessary steps to ensure that each individual has the knowledge and confidence to take on the competitive workforce within Corporate America.


Business, Women Empowerment, Professional, Academics, Leadership

United Nations Association of the United States at Mississippi State

MSU UNA is open to all majors, all levels, and serves as a career resource for students. MSU UNA educates and supports issues of interests advocated for by the United Nations (UN), including but not limited to energy and climate, global health, women's rights, and environmental issues.


Academic, Career, Professional, Diversity, Global, Special Interest, Political

University Christian Student Center

The University Christian Student Center is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, Bible-based family striving to be like Jesus every day. We are a college ministry to MSU committed to sharing Him with others and located and overseen by the Starkville Church of Christ.


Religious, Jesus, Church of Christ, Christian, Non-Denominational, Ministry, Faith, Bible

University Taekwondo Club

Do you want to start learning about martial arts or just want to learn a different style of martial arts? Then join in to the University Taekwondo Club. In the club, you will learn about Taekwondo and the basics of self-defense from the Taekwondo perspective. No previous experience is required. So come and join in!


Taekwondo, martial arts